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An attack on us all

An updateFurther news updates since the publication of this post have indicated that the story was fabricated. To abuse our sympathy, loyalty and kindness for personal gain is a grave insult to the many people who work hard to protect and stand up for people like myself, who are at risk of targeted persecution, mistreatment and violence.…

When a cake is not just cake

I appreciate the argument, but Kenan Malik is presenting a different frame of reality. There cannot be a legal difference between discriminating against a class of people or discriminating against a particular individual, or else we effectively destroy the effectiveness of anti-discrimination legislation.…

On email signatures

Should I include my pronouns?
“He, him, his.
“She, her, hers.
“They, them, theirs,” chanted the schoolchildren as they prepared for their pronouns quiz.

I’ve been thinking about email signatures. You know, that block of text automatically inserted into the bottom of all your emails with your name and contact information.…

A Blog by Leo Ji Thoughts and scribblings