The things we’re not taught

In a society that profits from your self doubt, liking yourself is a rebellious act.

— Someone, somewhere, but the Internet has mangled it enough that I don’t know who or where to source it

I get contemplative every time I see people around me go through major life events: picking college, graduating, quitting their jobs or getting engaged.…

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Google: Like, it’s really not that hard to do better

Google’s argument, as reported in this BBC News story, is that it’s entirely within their guidelines. That’s true. It is fully within Google’s terms for third-party app developers to allow employees to read the emails captured by their apps as long as it’s compliant and the user has granted permission.…

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Rainbows everywhere

Today was the first day I’ve ever walked in a Pride Parade. My greatest love and thanks go out to all the Northwestern people who helped organise us together under (well, behind) one banner, and to the Parade organisers and marshals for making it happen.…

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Even the water from the tap is a political subject

Plenty of Chicago-area newspapers are reporting this story as if it’s some kind of unusual water dispute between two Cook County municipalities. But water is an essential resource, and it’s fairly obvious that not everybody has equal access to fresh water.…

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Adding to Snopes’ fact-check about Maxine Waters on CNN

In addition to Snopes’ excellent write-up, I think it’s important to note two more things.

First, the president of the United States cannot conduct impeachment proceedings; the House of Representatives impeaches the president, and the Senate determines whether they should be removed from office.…

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When a cake is not just cake

I appreciate the argument, but Kenan Malik is presenting a different frame of reality. There cannot be a legal difference between discriminating against a class of people or discriminating against a particular individual, or else we effectively destroy the effectiveness of anti-discrimination legislation.…

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