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Want to Make a Terrible Argument? Consider Publishing this Instead

For the past few years, I have talked about the nature of policing and our relationship to it amongst my circle of friends. My friends, mostly progressive, ask me if there’s anything we can do to help solve some of the serious problems that exist in policing, even though only one of us is Black and has real-life lived experiences with police violence and racism.

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the wrong focus

In this New York Times article, the perspective of workers is absent. That’s a huge mistake.

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(Which would be so much nicer if I actually had a dog.)

Social distancing is quite lonely but I’m reminding myself to see it’s pretty.

Whiteness as default

I’m guessing that a two-minute video produced a student homecoming committee was not meant to appear in The New York Times in this way. And yet, in 2020, here we are again: Still discussing race as it exists in America, and grappling with the realities of our racial condition from one decade to the next.

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Troy, wondering if he gets treats. (He does not.)

Finally figured out how to get him to like me

A heating pad

Bet it’s been a while since you sent a letter ro request info that should not be faxed or emailed