I got an Giphy API integration working.

i love you cat GIF
i love you cat GIF

That’s all.


Musings from a new city

Washington, D.C. is beautiful.

It’s strange to be in back in a city after being absent for a few months. Everything is familiar, but in a slightly disjunctive way. Last time, I was speeding past the empty gardens along the Red Line during the winter, but in May, the gardens are lush, flowering, and full of bushes and branches that obscure my view of D.C.’s

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An attack on us all

An update

Further news updates since the publication of this post have indicated that the story was fabricated. To abuse our sympathy, loyalty and kindness for personal gain is a grave insult to the many people who work hard to protect and stand up for people like myself, who are at risk of targeted persecution, mistreatment and violence.

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distance, a poem

There are some things in life that are absolute.

Death, for example
    death and taxes
      and the speed of light, I guess.

but some things are much more relative
like space
    and time
        and whether it’s true that you find me cute, funny and attractive, all at the same time.

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