a trip through a city

I decided to record a trip through my city’s tramway line, which connects two districts in Marin, my Cities: Skylines city.

One of the things I find most enjoyable about Cities: Skylines is how I’m able to visualize how my inner NUMTOT nerdom would play out in a semi-realistic urban environment.

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don’t you dare try to take up sidewalk space near me on my way to and from the grocery store: I *will* look up your public space occupancy permit and I *will* file a complaint

are you in DC and also annoyed by work happening on roads, sidewalks, alleyways and other public spaces?

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Want to Make a Terrible Argument? Consider Publishing this Instead

For the past few years, I have talked about the nature of policing and our relationship to it amongst my circle of friends. My friends, mostly progressive, ask me if there’s anything we can do to help solve some of the serious problems that exist in policing, even though only one of us is Black and has real-life lived experiences with police violence and racism.

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