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About this $1,800 drug

Every morning when I swallow one of these pills, I think about the possibility there are people out there who can't afford this drug that helps prevent against one of the worst epidemics to hit the LGBTQ community — my brothers, my sisters, my family.

All good stories begin in a bar

Today, I shocked an editor at work with my stories of drinking while under 21. I told her I had lived outside of the US. Then I realized how incredible that moment was — she met me, read my Asian American body and projected "Yeah, American."


I texted him: "I don't feel like anyone could understand me without knowing more about me than most people do. I usually do not have the time to explain the about-150 years of geopolitical and sociocultural history of the U.S., Europe and Asia and how that impacts me."

About the Chicago Sun-Terns on #NationalInternDay

Thank you all for supporting me and teaching me so much. And a special shout-out to all my fellow Chicago Sun-Terns, who put up with me naming us the "Sun-Terns," and who didn't slap me when I walked over and said I'm giving up on myself because I started a section of my article with: "Like many U.S. cities, Chicago has roads."

A Blog by Leo Ji Thoughts and scribblings