What is love?

            <em>“What is love?” I whispered, my question barely rising above the dull hum of the heater. I could feel the chilly air nipping at my exposed toes. He'd turned on the heating but didn't close the window. </em>

He sighed. “That’s a short question with a long answer.”

Our society has loaded the concept of ‘love’ with far more than any individual could ever hope to unpack within a single lifetime.…

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            I can't stop him from coming to see me.

However much I pray, I plead, I beg and I believe, he comes.

Sometimes I know he’s coming. There’s the shiver of the back, the creeping dread, the sixth sense that says he’s around, although I can’t see him.…

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When making friends means being exploited

I remember one scene particularly well: It was in Ms. Brown’s biology class, and it must have been Year 9, because I didn’t have a class with her before then, but Simon wasn’t in my class afterwards.

This is part three of my ongoing project to write out my personal history in an effort to untangle the emotional history and stressors of my life.…

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Three, two, one: What do I do when I fall in love with another boy?

I was 13 when I first thought about killing myself.

I know it was that age only because I remember a specific detail that couldn’t have occurred when I got any older. After my sister, Lisa, moved to college when I was 14, I left the bedroom at the back of our third-floor 3-bedroom apartment, overlooking the fence, and into the larger bedroom that used to be hers.…

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“I don’t feel like anyone could understand me without knowing more about me than most people do,” I texted. “I usually do not have the time to explain the about-150 years of geopolitical and sociocultural history of the U.S., Europe and Asia and how that impacts me.”

He didn’t quite understand that at first.…

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Adulting 101

            I've never really understood the concept of an age of majority. The basic premise, as it was explained to me by "grown-ups," is that young people are not psychologically developed enough to make lasting decisions about their futures, so we -- as a society -- have stepped in to protect our kids from their own naivety and stupidity.

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The things we’re not taught

            <blockquote>In a society that profits from your self doubt, liking yourself is a rebellious act.

— Someone, somewhere, but the Internet has mangled it enough that I don’t know who or where to source it

I get contemplative every time I see people around me go through major life events: picking college, graduating, quitting their jobs or getting engaged.…

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Curatorial statement: How to be a good Asian American queer?

            One of the funny things about the world is that whether you like it or not, you have to live within it.

That’s been a realisation that has struck me and fascinating me ever since.

My exploratory blog posts and academic lecture discussion post have all touched on my own life struggles: How do I be a queer, gay Asian American that has lived so little on what we consider “American soil?”

I called out representation of gay-ness in the acclaimed film “Love, Simon”; questioned how body and biology relate to these critical understandings of race, gender and sexuality through Blade Runner 2049; deconstructed the very notion of masculinity to the point where I felt it could never be redeemed as a healthy concept.…

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What does it mean to perform healthy masculinity?

            After all, we never really answered this question.

Throughout the last three months, we have discussed, either explicitly or implicity, the concept of masculinity.  We have identified how systems of power are constructed to perpetuate a society that privileges white, cisgender, heterosexual men; we have also addressed how such classifications are problematic and incomplete, and that our notions of what does or does not fall within such identities is blurry at best.…

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Do Oriental women have to be Asian or biologically human?

            Much has already been written about <em>Blade Runner 2049</em>. Critics have examined the film through the lens of gender (<a href="https://intpolicydigest.org/2018/01/20/gender-politics-blade-runner-2049/">International Policy Digest, Jan. 20 2018</a>) (<a href="http://collider.com/blade-runner-2049-women/">Collider, Oct. 13, 2017</a>) and the lens of race (<a href="https://www.thestranger.com/slog/2017/10/06/25457531/race-and-blade-runner-2049">The Stranger, Oct. 6 2017</a>) (<a href="http://www.vulture.com/2017/08/why-dont-dystopias-know-how-to-talk-about-race.html">Vulture, Aug.

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Photo by Evandro Saroka on Unsplash

I am a pilot — trapped within the prison of my own body;
Never to leave;
And as I am the only voice in my head, I find myself
often feeling or thinking as if I am the only one in the world

a weird, wonderful, dangerous place.…

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I have an offer for you.

Hear me out. I’m putting together a project and I’ve got a deal for you.

OK, here goes: We all get sick, right? Or maybe we aren’t looking, or a driver isn’t looking, and we step out onto the road and get hit by a car.…

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