I mean, yeah, you can kind of see where things went all weird for everyone.

I miss public transport.

I want Popeyes

And yes I recognize that it is late at night and if I could get Popeyes now, it would mean a very underpaid worker would be laboring during ridiculous hours to make it for me and it’s probably a good thing that it isn’t open

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a trip through a city

I decided to record a trip through my city’s tramway line, which connects two districts in Marin, my Cities: Skylines city. One of the things I find most enjoyable about Cities: Skylines is how I’m able to visualize how my inner NUMTOT nerdom would play out in a semi-realistic urban environment. Here, despite my flooding… Continue reading a trip through a city

don’t you dare try to take up sidewalk space near me on my way to and from the grocery store: I *will* look up your public space occupancy permit and I *will* file a complaint

are you in DC and also annoyed by work happening on roads, sidewalks, alleyways and other public spaces?

look up the permit here!


then check the public space occupancy permit here!

A public space occupancy permit is separate from a construction permit. You need a permit for construction, and you need a separate permit to occupy roads so you have clearance for construction (or at least, that’s what i understand)

i am not a lawyer but i am very committed to ensuring that every public right, however small or petty, is not infringed

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