Author: Leo Ji

A Hong Konger’s river from America


There are no guides to identity formation in the midst of crisis. No instructions, no textbooks, and no courses on how to understand your self and your relationship with the world and the various bits therein as things look like they’re falling apart. I bring this up because every document I’ve been able to find has always been about reconciling identities with the past. This happened, and now here are ways to emotionally accept it. […]

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Three fire trucks and a fire command vehicle pulled up and Clement’s just like, “ya, nah.” (We’re fine. They left after about ten minutes. I met the neighbors.)

lost, a poem

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It started when I stepped off the bus. The overwhelming sensationof pain, emptiness, and hesitation of something lost and something hidden. What is this?I saidto myself, for there was nobodyor head there but the air. I looked aroundand the bus was leavingand I thought to chase after itbut I knewI knew that what I was looking for wasn’t there. It started when I got off the plane. A sudden lurchlike everything had fallencollapsed, broken, crashedtearing […]