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Whiteness as default

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I’m guessing that a two-minute video produced a student homecoming committee was not meant to appear in The New York Times in this way. And yet, in 2020, here we are again: Still discussing race as it exists in America, and grappling with the realities of our racial condition from one decade to the next. This isn’t a criticism of the University of Wisconsin or of its actions, simply because I believe that the there’s […]

Hong Kong, a poem

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a convention was signed, forced upon unequaland then there was the 99-year sequeland so I was born, all alive and freeuntil Victoria granted letters patent to thee and George — well, he got it wrong more than rightfrom harbors to railroads to cities walled by blightand as the people suffered from poor sanitationthe answer was to establish a peak reservation And when young men arrived, championing a new causehe scampered off and left some maple […]

“Embarrassing” and “ridiculous.” I’m not sure if these journalists are describing the Daily Northwestern or themselves.

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After The Daily Northwestern apologized for actions by its student journalists during a recent campus visit by former attorney general Jeff Sessions, the professional journalists began to pile on. Robert Feder, known for his coverage of the Chicago media scene, described the Daily’s editorial as “bizzare” and “embarrassing.” Glenn Kessler, the fact checker for The Washington Post (my current employer), said it was a travesty and embarrassment. Stephanie Zimmerman, currently with the Chicago Sun-Times (my […]