This is Leo.

I’m a software engineer, freelance writer, and hobbyist photographer in Chicago.

A selfie of Leo Ji.
Hello. It's me, Leo.

Computers and software engineering

I design, build, deploy and test Internet applications, including web applications and browser-based products. I’m comfortable working in front-end technologies and in back-end systems.

I currently work mostly in React.js and Node.js, although I’ve also developed in Python and C++ before.

I’m familiar with most Amazon Web Services products, including serverless applications (such as AWS Lambda and AWS Fargate), networking and content delivery (such as S3CloudFront, and Route 53), and developer tools (such as AWS CodePipelineAWS CodeBuild and CloudFormation).

I have also worked on the Google Compute Platform, although that isn’t my current primary cloud services provider.


I write essays, posts, and poems, on multiple topics, including on identity, belonging, queerness, race, and navigating life in America.

Recent articles include:


The world is interesting, and I like to capture images of it.

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