10 moments when I knew I was an adult

  1. I have an FSA, a 401(k), and life insurance beneficiary elections.
  2. I have an attorney who manages my will and advance directive.
  3. I get excited when I get to use my power drill and my vacuum cleaner.
  4. I expect to see my friends within a few months instead of within a few hours.
  5. 9 p.m. is too late to go to any event with friends.
  6. My diet consists of well-cooked meals instead of dining hall food and late-night ramen.
  7. I have an exercise plan.
  8. I go to bed before midnight and wake up before it’s hot outside.
  9. My preferred method of contact is via email or postal mail, rather than by Facebook Messenger, text, or other instant messaging service.
  10. I tell other people to send it to me on Monday instead of over the weekend.
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