ACK, a poem

hello? are you there?

hey! i’m here! should we talk here?

yeah, this is fine.

by the way, could you share that file with me?

sure, here you go.

oh, here’s another bit.

and another bit.

ok, this is the last one.

thanks. i think i got it all.

i feel like i’m missing something, though.

oh, which bit?

do you want me to send them all again?

no, not about that

I think I just miss you.

awwwwww, thanks. I miss you too.

like, you teach me so much and give me so many things. I don’t know what I would do without you.


you just take care of yourself. i’ll always be here.

i know.

did you want anything else?

no thanks. I’m good.

all right, talk to you soon.

see you.


are you still there?


hey? are you there?

hey! of course we can. is this ok?