distance, a poem

There are some things in life that are absolute.

Death, for example
    death and taxes
      and the speed of light, I guess.

but some things are much more relative
like space
    and time
        and whether it’s true that you find me cute, funny and attractive, all at the same time.

Some days, you are far away. And then I miss you —
    dashing off to Los Angeles, or Chile, or whatever far-flung place next that I’ve never been to.

Other days, you are nearby —
        just up the street, perhaps
   or around the corner
            or upstairs
  or inside

and yet it feels like a million miles of ice and cold separate us.

Yes, the ice is melting
     faster and faster
       they say it’s a global danger
and yet I can’t stop thinking about what it means to be
  close to you.