magic bean juice, a poem

this magic potion keeps me alive.

i remember the first time that i drank it.
drink this, he said. you’ll feel better.
i should have stopped
— I knew the risks, the pain, the effort —
i knew that it was going to hurt.

but i wanted to believe
the lies, the deception, the teeth —
the things we love most are what hurts us.

i took it from him. It was warm to the touch.
He smiled.
i didn’t get past two gulps before i began to gag.

It tastes disgusting —
You’re disgusting.
then why
are you still here?

there was no answer
of course.

there never is an answer.

he just slips
back into the darkness from whernin
he came

and i am left there


this magic potion keeps me alive, for some days i wish to die.