Queer libraries

Libraries are incredibly queer spaces. I don’t mean queer in the sense that they’re LGBT, but in the sense that they challenge the normative structures of society: A library is simulatenously radical and queer in its nature. Situated in the cities, towns and villages across the country, the library’s free resources are a promise to the citizenry: Come here, and you will have access to information and knowledge — the things needed to live a free, liberal life. For this reason, libraries don’t just stock books, but also DVDs and CDs (remember those?), newspapers, magazines — and increasingly, online resources.

I’m reminded of a story I once read on the Internet. (That, by itself, should clue you in that it’s probably made up and it’s not worth sourcing.) It told of the reaction of a Silicon Valley-type “tech bro” who had never been to a library before and was shocked by its services. He’d assumed that, after he paid for a library card, he’d have to pay each time he rented out a book or a movie — and the idea that all these services were offered for free were astounding to him.

The story resonates because it seems like something that could be true. I wouldn’t be surprised if there were entire groups of people who had never stepped into a library, and had projected our society’s pervasive capitalistic structures into its spaces.

Within the fantasy of the library as a democratic third space, librarians are tasked with being objective civil servants, a notion that rankles many in the field. In library school, “a lot of us get fed the line that libraries are neutral, which is a very dangerous and inaccurate piece of rhetoric to give librarians,” said Ingrid Conley-Abrams, a school librarian who previously worked at the Brooklyn Public Library for over seven years. “Every program we offer or don’t offer, every book we shelve or don’t shelve, is a stance. So this notion that libraries are neutral is hurtful nonsense. Libraries, as long as they are run by human beings, will always have some sort of mission.”

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Let’s keep libraries going.