About the Chicago Sun-Terns on #NationalInternDay

I’m self-deprecating on Twitter, but not on here.

On this day that’s meant to recognise the hard work of interns (and bring attention to the many interns working unpaid jobs for “experience”), I want to briefly touch upon my gratefulness to The Chicago Sun-Times for hiring me as an intern this summer — and paying me for it.

As fellow Medill student and Sun-Tern Jane Recker put it, it’s amazing how people in this newsroom treat us as professionals. Here at the Sun-Times, all of us interns are trusted with real stories and projects — maybe more than I would trust myself — and we work like any other member of the newsroom. (I even have my own name tag on my seat.)

For a glorious few hours, my story was featured on the front page of chicago.suntimes.com.

I panicked for a few hours after I first got editing access to the Chicago Sun-Times, because I wasn’t expecting to be trusted with that kind of responsibility. I’ve got to write a few stories and learn so much from the highly talented, professional, and exceeding hardworking journalists working around me.

Thank you all for supporting me and teaching me so much. And a special shout-out to all my fellow Chicago Sun-Terns, who put up with me naming us the “Sun-Terns,” and who didn’t slap me when I walked over and said I’m giving up on myself because I started a section of my article with: “Like many U.S. cities, Chicago has roads.”