I have an offer for you.

Hear me out. I’m putting together a project and I’ve got a deal for you.

OK, here goes: We all get sick, right? Or maybe we aren’t looking, or a driver isn’t looking, and we step out onto the road and get hit by a car. Or maybe you’re really unlucky and find out you’ve got cancer. Or diabetites. Who knows?

So, I have an offer for you: You can call an ambulance, walk to a doctor’s office, visit the emergency room, whatever you need; and we’ll pay for it. No questions asked. We won’t care if you’re rich or poor or what kind of IDs you have in your wallet (or if your wallet was stolen). We’ll make sure the best possible doctors and nurses and medical professionals take care of you. And we’ll pay for everything. In exchange for this guarantee of excellent-quality medical care, you just have to pay us a little bit of money once in a while.

Sounds great, doesn’t it? There’s got to be a catch, right? Here it is: If somebody else gets sick, or gets injured, or gets hurt, then we’re going to look after them too, and we’re going to pay for everything they need. And the way we’ll pay for them is by spending the money that you paid us, just as how we’ll pay for all your care by spending the money they gave us. Everybody who wants in this new project will be in it together. We’ll flock to support you when you’re down and we expect you to flock when another person’s down.