We can do better.

David Becker / Getty Images

One day, the United States will wake up and say it will never again allow itself to be terrorized by crazy men with super-powered guns.

Today is not that day.

How many need to die in mass shootings before our politicians decide to act?

Las Vegas. San Bernardino. Killeen. Roseburg. Charleston. Isla Vista. Orlando. San Ysidro McDonald’s. Virginia Tech. Edmond post office. Sandy Hook. The University of Texas at Austin.

These aren’t imaginary figures in a video game. These are — were—real people. These are the sons and daughters of everyday Americans. These were the people we walked past on the streets and sat next to on the bus.

Today, we are mourning the death of 59 people and sympathizing with the 527 injured. Those numbers are likely to rise.

One more time.

This isn’t America. This isn’t great. A great America is a country where you can go to Las Vegas without worrying about being massacred.

This has to stop. Mourn, yes, but we also need to act.

We need to say that the United States of America can do better.