A few points about gender diversity in tech companies

Photo by rawpixel.com on Unsplash
  1. In 1984, 37% of computer science graduates were women; in 2016, the number was 18% (Quartz)

  2. The idea that computer work is for men can be traced to marketing by computer game manufacturers in the 1980s and video game manufacturers in the 1990s, who were desperate for sales and game stores shelved products by gender (Quartz)(Polygon)

  3. Only 38% of women in the US get their ideas endorsed by leadership, compared to 44% of men (Quartz)

  4. In engineering roles, Google employs 20% women and 80% men, based on its own diversity report (The report does not specify how transgender or gender nonconforming individuals were counted.) (Google)

  5. While current research indicates there are some biological differences between males and females, but they’re tiny and cannot account for the disparity in the tech industry (Business Insider)

  6. Cultural and social attitudes have a much bigger impact on what skills people exhibit and develop, and what jobs they seek (Business Insider)

  7. I’ve never met anyone of any gender who didn’t want a high-pay, high-status, lucrative career; I have met a lot of women who didn’t have one (Me)

  8. Wikipedia is not a credible source (Wikipedia), especially for policy recommendations and solutions for social issues like gender diversity (Me)