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Statement on the Society of Professional Journalists

In continuing to permit Fox News to sponsor the 2019 Excellence in Journalism awards, the Board of Directors of the Society of Professional Journalists bring shame and disappointment to professional journalists nationwide. SPJ Board of Directors statement on Fox sponsorship at Excellence in Journalism 2019SPJ Board of Directors statement on Fox sponsorship at Excellence in Journalism 2019...

10 moments when I knew I was an adult

I have an FSA, a 401(k), and life insurance beneficiary elections.I have an attorney who manages my will and advance directive.I get excited when I get to use my power drill and my vacuum cleaner.I expect to see my friends within a few months instead of within a few hours.9 p.m. is too late to go to any event with friends.My diet consists of well-cooked meals instead of dining hall food and late...

Thoughts on e-scooters

After a few weeks in the scooter-littered District of Columbia, I have a few more nuanced thoughts on e-scooters and how they fit into a US city. My first experience on an electric scooter was, in a nutshell, quite scary. I didn’t have a helmet on, I wasn’t wearing any protective gear, and I happened to be going down a hill. I did not enjoy it. I’ve ridden a few more of them...


I got an Giphy API integration working.

i love you cat GIF

That’s all.

Young voters

When Chu Qiu died in 2016, she had only been on Northwestern’s campus for a few weeks. She was struck and run over by a cement truck when on her bicycle, turning onto Sheridan Road, which runs through Northwestern’s campus but is owned and administered by the City of Evanston. In 2003, Evanston redrew its ward maps without addressing concerns the map split Northwestern’s...

Musings from a new city

Washington, D.C. is beautiful. It’s strange to be in back in a city after being absent for a few months. Everything is familiar, but in a slightly disjunctive way. Last time, I was speeding past the empty gardens along the Red Line during the winter, but in May, the gardens are lush, flowering, and full of bushes and branches that obscure my view of D.C.’s street paintings and more...


I’d like to briefly appreciate how successfully Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has managed to go by her initials, AOC. Tweets by AOC It wasn’t that long ago — just the beginning of the year, in fact — that the Congresswoman changed her Twitter handle. And it’s stuck. That’s a level of personal branding and recognition that I’ve never seen with any other...

About this $1,800 drug

Every morning when I swallow one of these pills, I think about the possibility there are people out there who can't afford this drug that helps prevent against one of the worst epidemics to hit the LGBTQ community — my brothers, my sisters, my family.

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