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appealing a claim

isn't it nice when you appeal a health insurance claim denial, mail in all the info *with* the explanation of benefits and they SOMEHOW re-process the *wrong* claim

i included a document *from you* that included the plan details, the claim id, the dates and providers of service, AND why the claim was denied, and yet somehow you didn't realize that was the claim I appealed

Originally tweeted by Maybe: Leo Ji (@theleoji) on March 8, 2021.

the closed Taco Bell/KFC near the Fort Totten Walmart

220 Riggs Road, NE When we spoke about the Taco Bell going down at New York Ave and Bladensburg in NE, textdoc mentioned that the one near the Fort Totten Walmart had also gone down, thanks to her for sending these photos so we have them for archival purposes. Stay tuned for what’s coming including…

“the closed Taco Bell/KFC near the Fort Totten Walmart” — PoPville

Awwwww. 😿

This KFC/Taco Bell was the first restaurant I went to when I stayed in D.C. in 2018. It was a little run-down and looked like it hadn’t been renovated for 20 years, but it was nice that one of my memories of the District was of something that’s not fancy, upscale, and ridiculously expensive.